Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HAI GUYSE! Photography and makeup COLLIDE.

SO the title was pretty awesome, am i right? Haha, if you weren't sure what I meant, I just meant I'm taking my photography blog and making it a photography/makeup blog. :D I need some catchy names! Ideas? Leave 'em in the comments. I'm thinking Beautyesque Shutter bug? Or something. Haha, I dunno. OMG. Currently, I'm talking with Lauren (click here for her youtube,  go tell her how awesome she is. ) and she showed me THIS amazing website. I mean, what could be better? Cute boys, and cats! Want more cat in your life? Kitteh Roulette. Awesome. Oh, well, that was a random few sentences. Random blog post, I guess. I'll try to post on here. I need to revamp this blog, haha. I'll do it later. And with that, I bid you good bye, I guess.

EDIT: This is now my makeup blog. I might post a few pictures that I've taken. Sorry for any confusion.

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